No lasers or gizmos, just your favorite gun and ammo aimed at the target experience you choose. This is THE next-generation target shooting experience.


The only video target system connected to the world around it. OpenfireHD™ connects through an existing internet connection allowing for lane-to-lane dueling. Users can compete with each other on a global stage.


Endless content possibilities means range patrons will stay engaged, have more fun, and shoot more often.

Cost Effective

Less expensive to install, own and operate than other systems providing owners and users more bang for their buck.


Openfire Systems offers the most cost effective interactive video target system that combines digital target content with real firearms or AirSoft weapons. Quite simply, we offer the world's first video game system for live-fire weapons. We offer a multitude of shooting content in varying degrees of difficulty catering to all skill levels: from the novice marksman to the seasoned professional. The core system includes all the hardware and software you need to get started, and we are available to assist with range integration.


  • Detects hits from any caliber ammunition or AirSoft projectile
  • No lasers or weapon modification required
  • No special shot screen required. Works great with corrugated cardboard or self-healing materials
  • Integrates with target retriever trolley systems or can be run using our custom target stands


  • Multi-shooter, multi-lane, multi-range interaction via OpenfireHD™ Network
  • Wireless mobile or touchscreen operation
  • Integrates with social networks

Engaging User Experience:

  • Unprecedented combination of modern digital game-engine technology and live-fire shooting
  • Easy-to-use user interface and system control
  • Shoot at any digital content imaginable
  • Content is interactive, providing immediate feedback with animation and high definition audio
  • Shooters can clearly see where their bullets hit
  • Customers no longer have the hassle of hanging their own paper targets
  • Custom content development available

Cost Effective:

  • Increases range traffic, ammo sales, event sign-ups and membership upgrades
  • Private, educational and professional training system pricing available

Openfire Systems Most Excellent Collage


  • First Time User Fun With Openfire

    First Time User Fun With OpenfireHD™

  • More New User Fun

    More First Time Users Enjoying OpenfireHD™

  • Openfire Systems Demo Video 3D Blasteroids

    Rich, Dynamic, Immersive Content

  • OpenfireHD Classic Paper Target Replacement

    Classic Target Replacement

  • Openfire Systems Distance Shooting With Rifle

    Distance Shooting With Rifle

  • Shooting Gallery With Rifle

    Shooting Gallery With Rifle

  • Openfire Systems Demo Video Virtual Steel Plates

    Virtual Range Demo

  • Openfire Systems Demo Video Zombies

    Zombie Action

  • Openfire Systems Demo Video

    Moving Targets

  • Openfire Systems Hunting Practice

    Hunting Practice

  • Openfire Systems Demo Video

    Response and Animation

  • Openfire Systems Demo Video Accuracy Examples

    Accuracy Examples

  • Openfire Systems Demo Video Exploding Targets

    Exploding Target

  • Openfire Dueling Lanes at The Range at Lake Norman

    Multi-Lane Duel


Installation & Support

OpenfireHD™ Range Installation

Our courteous and professional implementation staff will integrate OpenfireHD™ into your range. OpenfireHD™ can be integrated with your existing range system for dedicated lanes or it can be used with our custom target stands for portable use. We can also provide custom range configurations to accommodate outdoor use, long-distance shooting, shoot house use, and multi-screen, multi-sensor setups. Support is only an email or phone call away. Contact us to discuss options for your range.

Custom Content Development

OpenfireHD™ Custom Content Development

OpenfireHD™ is an open platform for digital target content development. Our developers can create any scenario or simulation you require for training, entertainment or special events. If you prefer to develop your shootable content in-house that is no problem, just use the OpenfireHD™ API to make your content hit detectable and you can shoot at anything you can imagine and create on a computer screen. You can also sell your creations to others through the OpenfireHD™ Network.

OpenfireHD™ Network

OpenfireHD™ Network Diagram

The OpenfireHD™ Network is a collection of online services and cloud applications that connect your range lanes to the world. Networked lanes facilitate distributed multi-shooter situations like dueling, training, and friendly competition between shooters, ranges, departments, etc. It also facilitates advertising networks, target content marketplace, point of sale integration, and integration with CRM and LMS/SCORM systems.


Is OpenfireHD™ accurate?


OpenfireHD™ is accurate within a few pixels when properly setup and calibrated. Once the system is calibrated it remains accurate until the projector, sensor, or shot screen is moved. We are constantly working on consistent accuracy and performance. While we strive for 100% accuracy, occasionally shots are not detected or inaccurate due to environmental factors.

Video Targets? Really?!


Yes, paper targets are old news and do very little for the shooting experience. OpenfireHD™ combines modern video game engine technology with a shooting range's facilities. Since OpenfireHD™ Targets move, explode, and respond to the shooter's shots they are much more engaging which ultimately drives range business and ammo sales.

Can I develop my own content to use as my targets?


Fresh, exciting new content will always be available with OpenfireHD™, but OpenfireHD™ owners can also develop custom content for use with the system.

Is there a special shot screen required?


The OpenfireHD™ System detects hits on any surface that blocks light. Corrugated cardboard works great, is inexpensive, environmentally neutral and readily available. A single piece of cardboard (48" X 48") can take hundreds of rounds before needing replacement. Stickers can also be placed over bullet holes to extend the life of a piece of cardboard. Self healing materials are also available.

Are there any specific lighting requirements?

it depends

OpenfireHD™ detects hits in all lighting situations - high light, no light, and low light conditions. It's used for entertainment, practice and training in both indoor or outdoor ranges. Some installations require specific lighting due to variances in distance between the sensor and the shot screen.

Will OpenfireHD™ work with our existing range hardware?

it depends

If your range hardware is relatively stable and can accurately place the screen at specific distances downrange it should work fine. If not, you may have to use a stand with OpenfireHD™. Custom target stands are available as an option with your OpenfireHD™ order.

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